Robin is a main character in Sago Mini. 


Robin is a pink bird. She has a red torso, 2 wings, and 3 little spikes on her head. And a red beak.

Games that she appear inEdit

Sound box: When you tap and hold on a ball, she might come out of it.

Bug builder: She only appears on the icon and the home screen.

Pet cafe: When you press the play button, she is cleaning the smoothie mahcine. She also appears on all 3 activites. 

Character lineup

The cutest bird I've ever seen.

Doodlecast: She appears on some of the pages.

Forest flyer: She is the main character.

Ocean swimmer: She is resting on an "island" with a straw hat on. If you go near her, she gives Fins a coconut with a straw. 

Monsters: Same as Bug builder.

Space explorer: She comes out of a giant robotic egg.

Friends: She is one of the playable characters. 

Road trip: She appears on the map of places to go.

Fairy tales: She is in a tree with a picnic basket. 

Toolbox: She appears on the game icon and is one of the charcaters in the game.

A Robin Plush

Boats: Same as road trip.

Babies: She is one of the playable charcaters. And she's a chick. 

Trucks and diggers: When you tap on on of the tools to gather dirt, she may appear in it.

Babies dress up: Once again as a chick she appears in this game. And you play dress up with her.

Planes: Same as friends.


  • Robin often communicates by chriping. Sometimes, she dose not.

    Baby Robin

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