Harvey is a main character in Sago mini.


Harvey is a brown dog. He has a dark brown nose and spots on his back.

Games that he appear inEdit

Sound box: On the list of sounds, he is on the icon for the dog sounds. and when you tap and hold a ball while playing with the sounds, he will come out.

Pet cafe: HEe his on the icon and hoem screen, and when you press play, he is reading a menu. He also appears in all activties.

Doodlecast: He appears on some of the pages.

Forest flyer: He is having a picnic and he gives Robin stuff to eat.

Ocean swimmer: He is on a diving board. He jumps off it and into the water.

Music box: he appears on the icon. When you play with him, he is driving a boat in the ocean. You can tap on the islands, ocean, and sky to make stuff appear. The song is Row row row your boat.

Space explorer: He is the main character.

Friends: He is one of the playable charcaters in the game.

Road trip: He appears on the map of places to go.

Fairy tales: He is in a tall tower, this time he as blonde, long hair. It's not that long. Jinja uses her wand to give him a new hairdo, and he is happy with it. 

Toolbox: You can build him a doghouse, ect.

Boats:Same as space explorer.

Babies: He is one of the playable charaters, and he's a puppy.

Trucks and diggers: When you tap on one of the tools to gather dirt, he might appear in it.

Robot party: Same as Space explorer and boats.

Babies dress up: He is again a puppy, and oyu play dress up with him.

Planes: same as friends.

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