• Harvey is a main character in Sago mini.


Harvey is a brown dog. He has a dark brown nose, brown ears and 3 spots on his back.

Games that he appears inEdit

Sound box: On the list of sounds, he is on the icon for the dog sounds. and when you tap and hold a ball while playing with the sounds, he will come out.

Pet cafe: He his on the icon and home screen, and when you press play, he is reading a menu. He also appears in all activities. In put the food in the proper places activity, he will spin and say oh. When he eats something he likes he will bark. If he eats something spicy he will say woo, sweat, smoke will come out of his ears and he’ll say arf. If he eats something he dosen‘t like, he will squint alittle, stick out his tongue and say bleh. If he eats something sour, he will pucker his mouth, squint and say woo.

Doodlecast: He appears on some of the pages.

Forest flyer: He is having a picnic under a cherry blossom tree and he gives Robin a yummy snack to eat.

Ocean swimmer: He is on a diving board. He jumps off it and into the water.

Music box: he appears on the icon. When you play with him, he is driving a boat in the ocean. You can tap on the islands, ocean, and sky to make stuff appear. The song is Row row row your boat.

Space explorer: He is the main character.

Friends: He is one of the playable charcaters in the game.

Road trip: He appears on the map of places to go.

Fairy tales: He is in a tall tower, this time he has a long blonde wig. It's not that long as he tries to comb it down. Jinja uses her magic wand to make him a new hairdos such as an Afro, a hairdo with a bow, or long pigtails and he likes it. 

Toolbox: You can build him a doghouse, a desk with a laptop and more. 

Superhero: He and Kiki are fighting over a cake. The cake flies into the air! Super jack uses his super eye laser beam to cut the cake into two pieces. One piece for harvey and one for Kiki. 

Boats: Same as space explorer.

Babies: He is one of the playable charaters, and he's a puppy.

Trucks and diggers: When you tap on one of the tools to gather dirt, he might appear in it.

Robot party: Same as Space explorer and boats.

Babies dress up: He is again a puppy, and you can play dress up with him.

Planes: same as friends.

Harveys birthday is July 11th

Harbey lives with his grandma and aunt in a house.